Plage (Haulover). This is my favourite naturist beach.

Its very simple to get to, there are individuals of all
ages, and they sell beverages and hot dogs on the shore
weather. I love going nude whenever possible, its
Quite comfy, feels great and life is more enjoyment in
the bare!
I would like to start of by giving you a little information about
myself. I am 26 years old and currently living in
Aventura, Florida. I ‘ve been going nude since I was
17 or so. Besides nudism I also enjoy playing pool,
listening to all kinds of music (except country and
gangsta rap), working with computers, and talking
about cars. Now I Will get into how I got started as a
I was 17 when I first became
curious about how it felt like to be naked in my
When I was 18 a senior in high
We ran about
People joked
about running there, but no one really did.
made it there and saw the nude people.
I was curious as to what it was like to be naked on
the plage, why these people did it. I ran to a sort
of isolated part of the plage (just a few people
around me and weren’t that close.)
shoes, socks, and t shirt. I sat there for 10-20 min.
I then was relaxed and comfortable enough to say to
my self I’d like to get naked and see what it feels
So off came my shorts and
Panties! I sat there naked for a min. or two then
stood up. I will never forget that moment. What I felt
I can only describe as the most wonderful sense of
Liberty I have ever felt in my whole life! I felt so
fee and alive! It was simply amazing to be bare
outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt fantastic… so
Comfy I then ran into the ocean and swam. It
felt so pleasant to swim without an suit I adored that
experience and needed to do it again.
several more times. I also went to other naturist
Seashores; San Onfre, (45 minute north of blacks), and
More Mesa in Santa Barbra. San Onfre is nice, its
more secluded than blacks with less gawkers. I went
to college in Santa Barbra and I found More
Mesa. This is an excellent strand! Verry private and
secluded. I went to UCSB in Santa Barbra and saw
Hints for models wanted for art class. I signed up
and posed naked for the art class. It was no big deal
for me and it was pleasure. It was neat to see how each
artist painted me in their own manner. My mother found
the test from the art school and asked me about it

were not offended or upset or anything so it was cool.
Since that time, I’ve been to
two naturist resorts in CA. I had a really pleasant time in
both resorts. The folks there were quite friendly and
made me feel welcome there. It was really relaxing and
Interesting to spend the day nude swimming, eating, sunning,
meeting new people etc. Most of the people were old
Its trendy
However to see all the young folks involved with
nudism in this group.
Nowadays I go bare in my room
almost constantly. I also go bare at the local naturist
Plage (Haulover). This is my favored nudist beach.
Its very simple to get to, there are folks of all
ages, and they sell drinks and hot dogs on the plage
Plus the water is always warm (87 now) and so is the
weather. I adore going naked whenever possible, its
Really comfy, feels great and life is more fun in
the bare!
I’d like to start of by providing you a little info about
myself. I am 26 years old and now living in
Aventura, Florida. I have been going bare since I was
17 or so. Besides nudism I also love playing pool,
listening to all kinds of music (except state and
gangsta rap), working with computers, and speaking
about cars. Now I’ll get into how I got started as a
I was 17 when I first became
curious about how it felt like to be naked in my
room. I do not know
exactly why but I thought I would be more comfortable
if I took off my panties, so I did. It felt strange
Initially, for some time I was self conscience of my
body. Not because anything was wrong, simply because I
had never been nude in my room before I guess. I got
over the awkwardness (self consciousness) and it felt .
When I was 18 a senior in high
We ran about
a mile or so from a nude beach (Blacks). People joked
about running there, but no one actually did.
One day on a run by myself I ran
near there and decide to run to the nude beach. I
made it there and saw the nude people. At this point
I was interested as to what it was like to be nude on
the plage, why these people did it. I ran to a form
of isolated part of the strand (only several people
around me and weren’t that close.) I took off my

I subsequently was relaxed and comfortable enough to say to

Guide to Unclothed Family Naturist Camping and visiting Naturist Campgrounds

Naturist Camping and Nude Family Nudist Campgrounds – What you have to know!
As well as nudist resorts and naturist beaches, naturists are able to practice the naturist philosophy at nudist or clothing optional campgrounds. Nudist campgrounds invite folks to relax nude / clothes free, while communing with nature.
The direction of these campgrounds, for the most part, believes in welcoming people of all colours, genders, shapes and sizes. The campgrounds are intended to supply a place for a naturist to practice his / her philosophy in an all-natural surrounding.
Naturist families can meet people with similar interests in a safe, family-friendly nudist environment. Many naturist campgrounds advertise a “family friendly” environment, but this does not necessarily mean they are populated with children. Other campgrounds are for guys only. So calling ahead before seeing these areas would be a shrewd move!
Most naturist campgrounds provide a general store for the convenience of campers to pick up charcoal, ice and other simple requirements.
Campgrounds change in their own shower and restroom facilities.
Please note that some campgrounds might simply have outdoor showers, without having anything in place for privacy. If this might be an issue then it’d be a good idea to research the facilities beforehand.
Family Unclothed Camping Nudist Campground
Clothing Optional and Nude Naturist Family Campgrounds
Some nudist campgrounds are, weather allowing, nudity-required. Others may be deemed as clothes optional campgrounds. Nevertheless, nearly all naked friendly camping facilities will need people to be unclothed in the pool, lake or sauna.
The term garments optional means that each person has the right to ascertain the number of nudity he / she feels comfortable with. But if there are places where being naked is essential, those individuals will have to disrobe if they want to use those specific facilities.
In today’s world, we see many couples where only among the partners enjoys being naked in a public setting.
Thus a clothing optional campground would be the perfect alternative for such couples or families. Some family members might not appreciate being naked in a public setting, so for them a clothing optional campground would be favored over a complete naturist camping site.
Nude Family Nudist Camping Packing List:
Before you head out on your first unclothed camping experience, please make sure to pack the following:
Warm clothes for chilly nighttime
Sleeping bags
Padded mats
Propane camp stove
Ice chest
Insect repellent
* Family Friendly Naturist Nude Camping Packing Considerations – Not much different than Routine Camping!
* When seeing a nude family friendly campground – Do not forget your towel and something to keep your keys / cash in!
Related Charges with Naked Camping at Family Naturist or Naturist Camps
It may be required to join the American Association for Nude Recreation, The Naturist Society or FKK to visit some of the nudist campgrounds. There are numerous kinds of memberships available determined by the budget.
Most nudist campgrounds charge from $15 to $20 for each tent per night, but the rates do fluctuate centered on the facilities that each campground provides. Some of are equipped with electric and water hook ups for RV campers but some might not. The charge for an RV site may be marginally more than the usual tent site.
Bare Camping hairless nudist at Family Nudist Campgrounds
Some naturist campgrounds cater to some particular interest, while others offer a big assortment of activities. Some of the naturist campground tasks may comprise:
Unclothed Sports – Unclothed volleyball is normally offered on the sand, grass or occasionally a court. Many of the naturist campgrounds supply walking or biking trails, shuffleboards and horseshoes.
Unclothed Swimming – Shores or pools may be supplied for skinny-dipping. No need for concern over tan lines on these shores – just be comfortable in your own skin and you’ll have a wonderful time.
Nude Fishing and Boating – Some naturist campgrounds are observed on lakes, rivers or near the coastline and may offer naked fishing and/or unclothed boating trips.
Naturist Family Night –
Special Interest Activities – These could range between massage courses, naked yoga, naked hiking and so forth.
Kids Playgrounds –
Other Naturist Camping Factors:
Parents should consider others and supervise their kids appropriately when visiting nude family campgrounds.
It’s part of naturist etiquette to constantly sit on a towel.
Public sexuality and voyeurism is not part of the naturist doctrine and is just not allowed in naturist or clothing optional campgrounds.
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There was a sudden increase in school shootings during the 1990’s and early 2000’s and then they quickly fell again. These events are constantly shocking, devastating, and challenging to process, but they are considered atypical and rare. 33 deaths were reported as an outcome of school shootings in the 2009 2010 school year. That is a dramatic change from the 63 deaths recorded in 2006 2007. Taking into account that there are over 50 million kids in school in America, these statistics relate to a 1 in 2 million probability.

While the episodes may spike up abruptly, studies show that the amounts do fall substantially (and ). As we’ve seen with the striking change between 2003 and the current variety of report events.
School Violence Statistics
Forty two of these crimes ended in death.
In 2000, more than 80% of schools reported school violence in their own school. The crimes were recorded as 40 crimes per every 1,000 students. A number of these crimes were so violent they were criminal and needed authorities engagement. Approximately 15 offenses per 1,000 pupils were involved in a violent act requiring the police to be contacted. In 2010 those numbers were very different. The amount of violent crimes dropped to 2 per 1,000 students.
Firearms at School Statistics
In the 1990’s it was reported that 25% of students carried a gun to school at some point during the school year. The numbers have now been on a decline since then. In 1995, the numbers dropped to 20% of pupils, and since then the numbers have remained quite steady. In 2001, findings reveal it was discovered that 17% of students brought firearms to school.
Since the all time low in 2001, the numbers have remained steady, with little change. In 2011, there was a reporting that 15% of students had carried a gun to school.
* While these students usually do not always use the firearms, the weapons are a risk and should not be in the control of young children while in a school setting.
Teenage Drug Use (not marijuana) Data
Teens were recently surveyed on private drug use, and many readily and voluntarily admitted to using some sort of a drug.
The drug use among amateurs was on a steady decline between the mid 90’s until mid year in 2000, but now is steadily improving. In , drug use among teens was over 75%. The amount of teenagers using drugs began decreasing by about 3% per year.
In 1995, “only” 65% teens reported using any drugs. The amounts were still high, but significantly declining. The amounts remained similar over the the next couple of years until they reached a low in 2000 of 60%. While there was still room for improvement, it appears the data were going on the rise again. With present studies showing that 70% of students admit to using some form of drugs at some point within their lives the fact is basic teens are in fact using more drugs nowadays.
Drunk Driving Statistics
In 1982 there were a total of 26,173 alcohol related fatalities. In 1991, the numbers of underage drunk driving fatalities were 3.8 per 100,000 individuals. This was the highest variety of fatalities resulted from underage drunk driving previously two decades.
How many fatalities has decreased, which shows that adolescents are not getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking alcohol. Between 1995 and 2007, the amount remained under 3 fatalities per 100,000 people. In 2010, we seen the lowest number of fatalities with a recorded 1.3 per 100.00.
The numbers have significantly reduced to 9,878 in 2011 and lets expect the amount of fatalities continues to fall.
Gang Related Violence Statistics

The very next year there was a spike in the number of gangs and their violent activities.

Vernacchio has an extremely fair, sex-positiveand progressive approach with his students. He teaches an elective course (which I feel should be required) called Sexuality and Society. Included in the program, he shows the pupils photos of different vulvas and penises.

What is intriguing, he added, is that both the boys and girls receive the pictures of the penises fairly placidly but frequently insist the vulvas do not appear ordinary.’ They don’t have any point of reference for what a regular, healthy vulva resembles, even their own,’ Vernacchio said. (p. 3)
Regrettably, I think teachers like Vernacchio are too few and far between today.
Mainstream porn is likely a contributor to some of women’s body image issues (such as stress about labia appearance). But it has been, and by the looks of it, will continue to be around, for quite a while to come. Teenagers are likely to see it regardless of how many Internet safety filters are set in place.
Hence, in my opinion, we should focus more on instruction rather than “prevention.” We need to offer young people a healthier view of the human body and a far more complete sex education.
Parents may also speak with their kids about sex and porn. They have to explain to their own kids how a vision depicted in porn differs from reality (I personally would not leave it all up to schools).
Young girls nowadays are already coping with so many issues surrounding their bodies. Vulva-shame does not have to be one of these!
All Vulvas Are Unique, Beautiful & Normal!
This post about the recent Labiaplasty trend was released by – Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK
Pornography Data
The Big Labia Project – a great Tumblr that posts photographs of labia submitted by women, answers questions about the vulva, labia & body image, supplies resources, videos and news relating to these issues.
UK Documentary: The Best Vagina – highly recommended and free to watch in full online. This documentary follows a journalist as she attempts to find out why vaginal cosmetic surgery is the fastest growing operation in the united kingdom. who despise their vulvas, plastic surgeons, supporters of body-positive values, and many others.
Make Love, Not Porn- the undertaking of sex-positive activist Cindy Gallop. Her goal with this job is to clear up sexual myths perpetuated by mainstream porn and to ignite up healthy conversations about sex and sexuality.
Cindy also offers a web site selling sex videos submitted by users. There’s heaps of “amateur” pornography out there featuring average people with average bodies having real sex. There’s even this type of thing as “feminist pornography”! Mainstream porn is commonly the more problematic sort.
And just for fun:
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Author of Nudist Blog. of Nudist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. Feminist. When I’m not busy eating, I am writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other fun subjects. I like comments, so plz leave a comment when you have got something to say! An Old Anti-Naturist Tradition: Miss Unclothed World – the Naturist Beauty Pageant
Interview with the founders of Ponderosa Nature Resort about their Miss Nude Beauty Contest
A naturist resort in Canada named Ponderosa Nature Resort only celebrated their 50th anniversary. For episode 72 of the Naturist Living Show podcast, Stephane interviewed Hans and Lisa Stein, who founded the resort in 1964. They found some farmland to buy and together with Hans’ sister and her husband, constructed the Ponderosa nudist resort from your ground upward.
The Steins consistently had a target of targeting the general public and bringing new people in the mainstream into naturism. But Hans’ sister didn’t agree with this strategy. So after a while, the Steins let go of Ponderosa and went on to start a brand new nudist resort of their own: Four Seasons Nature Park.
This is where it gets interesting!
They set out with their new marketing strategy, but found that the conventional avenues of promotion were closed to them, because of the (naked) nature of the company. So that they looked for an alternate means to reach the public.
That’s when they developed a new gimmick:
A nudist beauty pageant

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Classification: Dating Nude VH1, Nudist Site, Social Nudity BlogsThe Report of AANR and Lupin Lodge Clothing Optional Resort
AANR Removes Lupin From Its Network of Naturist Clubs – The question is – WHY?!?!?
As some might know, FKK continues to be on the receiving end of many malicious and unsubstantiated claims previously. This has taught me to not believe everything I learn and to take with a grain of salt what other people (even organizations) claim. When it came to dilemma of Lupin Lodge’s AANR charter being revoked, I had to try and discover out for myself what actually happened.
For those of you who follow news in the naturist world, the name Lupin Lodge might activate some powerful feelings and opinions.
For the advantage of those who have not followed the chain of events that bring about Lupin Lodge’s AANR charter being revoked, I’ll try and do my best to describe what occurred in the most straightforward way. I took extra time to attempt to confirm the advice and I’d like to thank all those who have been so gracious with their time and openness to answer my never-ending barrage of questions.
For those who are unfamiliar with Lupin, they have a TON of land. They have been quite accepting of individuals and host events by all kinds of groups (including Burning Man and the now notorious Fox Hunt group).
This is the first of two such events.
On Feb 9th of 2011, a website post surfaced (“What’s really happening at Lupin Lodge?”). The fallout from that occasion, and subsequent site post, triggered a chain of events that ultimately resulted in Lupin Lodge’s removal from AANR (the AANR stands for American Association for nude Recreation).
Last month, Felicity and I decided to see Lupin Lodge to speak to the owners directly. We also spoke with individuals from AANR, TNS, members of Lupin, bloggers and other people who were willing to help us sort through and make sense of everything that occurred.
We learned that Glyn (the owner) has twin 12 year old girls who live on the grounds. Does one think I’d subject them to anything like that? I must say that I was taken aback by his answer and by the seriousness with which he said it.
I should also note here that the owners maintain the event took place far away. They said it was done without many of the members even knowing, which is quite possible and likely.
In an attempt to comprehend what occurred, I ‘ve been corresponding with Cindy Gregory, the resident staff member at Lupin. beach hunters ‘s been exceptionally gracious and answered each question I had (and there were many). The letter can be read in its entirety here: Cindy Gregory’s Letter To The American Association For Nude Recreation.
I also reached out to some journalist Tracy Clark-Flory – who attended the event and later printed articles about it on .com. I wanted to get the inside scoop from someone who was there and really saw the events that transpired (please note that in her post she never really mentioned Lupin, therefore I asked her flat out where it took place).
Here is my Q&A:

whether people were walking around in their costumes in front of children.
Q. Did you see that it is inappropriate exposing children to such costumes & would you say that it might be deemed as extreme?
A. I didn’t opinion on whether or not it’d appropriate for children to see such costumes – I leave that up to individual parents. But it definitely was not anything more extreme than costumes you would see at the Folsom Street Fair [a big San Francisco leather occasion], which lets children.
Q. How did you hear participants and Lupin members socialize with each other during or after the occasion?
A. I can’t remember how I heard see any interaction between the participants and the club members.
you wrote about take place at Lupin Lodge?
A. Indeed, it was at Lupin Lodge.
Q. Do you believe any overt sexual activity that took place out in the open?
A. I don’t have any specific observe any sexual acts.
Q. Did the event about the event?
A. I didn’t about the occasion, but I was encouraged after getting in touch with one of the coordinators.

To begin with, I believe being a naturist/naturist is a self-diagnosed condition. There isn’t any precise checklist of characteristics, and I can’t describe anyone else that manner unless (s)he makes it obvious. Not too a long time past, any American who got naked for anything other than sex or showers would have already been considered a naturist. (For simplicity, I am sticking to Americans.) but neither they nor I’d necessarily consider them naturists/naturists – they are simply comfortable being nude with other nude people when that’s what the occasional scenario calls for. (Most Europeans would consider a completely ordinary and healthy attitude, not deserving of any label. I do also.)

I consider myself a nudist/naturist because the skill to be clothing-free, sky-clad, nude, is important to me. It doesn’t obstruct with the cloth segments of my life, but being a naturist/naturist is on the list of characteristics with which I would describe who I ‘m. Will I drive extra miles to get to your unclothed beach rather than stop at a textile beach? Will I go to a whole lot of trouble to get into a location or an occasion where I will feel the spiritual relaxation of being nude with other nude people? Do I find myself believing, in some cloth conditions, “Gee – it would be fine to be nude”? Will I support any nudist organization or occasion that helps make the point that social nudity is acceptable? Do I support folks to give it a try? Am I conscious of being a fitter and happier person because of the inclusion of social nudity in my own life? All these, and more, get “yes.” I don’t think so. Nudism/naturism does not dominate my life – it is only one sizeable part of it.
So my own view (which I don’t lay on anyone else) is that there’s, in fact, more to being a naturist/naturist than simply taking part in, and/or loving, bare recreation. It is a question of whether or not it is important. How significant? I don’t know. You determine.
Mr. Sandy
John Andersen Unclothed Recreation Advocate:

There’s also been lots of beach group sex around the usage of the word “diversion.” For some, sex is recreational so how does that affect the term “naked diversion”? Apart from the vagaries of click see two parts to your own question. One is, “What does naturism/naturism mean to me?” and the other is analogous to asking “If I see a church/sFKKgogue/temple does that make me an adherent to that particular religion?”.
In my own opinion it is perfectly okay to have a number of views by what naturism/naturism means, and it’s perfectly alright to only visit without buying into whatever philosophy will be promoted as long as you aren’t a risk to the community.
I think the question we actually have to grapple with is what defines a menace to the community aside from poor conduct in one’s presence and perhaps that even changes with the local community. We can likely all agree that a pedophile represents a genuine danger, but other characteristics can vary significantly in terms of “threat variable” depending on the prevalent views of the community (as I understand FKK is painfully conscious of).
These problems are not unique to the naturist community, but are worldwide societal dilemmas which brings us full circle to the thought that nudists are just like everybody else, except they often prefer to be without clothing. Probably not, but hopefully it is food for thought.
I go nude at Lighthouse Beach and at Travasuns events, but I do not think of myself as a nudist or a naturist. I got involved with the Travasuns because I liked the parties and the folks and one thing led to another. That is it.

Can You remember the first time you Chilled Nekkid?

What does the word Nekkid mean?
The word Nekkid essentially mean Nude. Folks often replace the word “naked” with the word “nekkid”. But in fact, each word has an entirely different significance.
In reality, many in society use the nekkid to define perpetrating naughty, non-sexual behaviour without clothing.
Nekkid and Cooling
Naturism is highly underrated. I could assure you, if you’ve never had a taste of it, you do not understand what you’re missing! Everyone who is unfamiliar with it is going to have misconceptions about what it’s all about, how it feels to be bare outside with others, and so forth.
But here is what I propose. If you’re uncomfortable with yourself naked, it might be hard to even picture yourself nekkid in the broad daylight vulnerable to the gazes of other (nekkid) people. So, hang out nekkid by yourself.
Sex means for that time period, but perhaps once out of bed, the clothes go back on. Now try this out- depart the shower, dry off, and do not get dressed!
Just walk around your location naked. You do not have to do it in front of roommates or family, but if you have your own space, just chill out naked. (You could also attempt to convince your roommate/significant other to do the same). You can read, play on your computer, work, do the activities you usually do. After a little while you’ll forget you are even bare. (But that’s a summer plus.) If you can get comfortable with your own naked body in this way, you could likely warm up to hanging around other nekkid people! If you’re just hanging out to relax, there is no reason to let anything control your body.
Cooling Nekkid
Then, if you think that’s fine, try it outdoors! This can be measure 2. Step away from the computer, go outside into sunlight to feel the heat and the breeze against your skin, close your eyes, breathe in deep, and just stay in the minute. You will soon feel entirely free and peaceful in the body, mind, and soul. But alas, this may not be possible where you reside.
But if you got some solitude in the back, make the most of it! A nudist club where you can experience it!
Find some water where you are able to swim alone or with friends and jump in without that moot swimsuit. Or jump in first, then take it away if you are shy. It’s a very freeing experience.
Naturists and / or Naturists
Naturists or naturists are individuals who practice naturism, which combines nudity with a healthy lifestyle, respect for all people and love for the environment. Sunshine exposure supplied through public nudity offers important health benefits while reducing carbon footprints by minimizing the requirement for clothes manufacturing.
– Personal and family naturism appears within the boundaries of dwelling for maximum privacy.
– Social nudism occurs within private living spaces with friends and acquaintances that follow a naturist lifestyle. A number of facilities including resorts and clubs also provide social naturist chances. A number of facilities including resorts and clubs also provide social naturist chances.
– Social nudism naturism appears within the limits of house for maximum privacy.
The theory of nekkid ties in with social nudism, as many prefer to flaunt their bare and naughty behaviour facing others.
The Attraction of a Natuirist Lifestyle
Flexibility brings many to a naturist lifestyle, as there is no steadfast definition of the notion. In the United States, nudists focus on the sans-clothes aspect while European followers adopt health facets along with nudity.
Many indicate that social nudism offers endorsement of an action deemed questionable by modern society.
Nekkid Groups
Smaller, specialized groups exist within social nudism to practice nekkid tasks. Motorcycle enthusiasts based in Kentucky teamed up to create a naturist bike club referred to as the Nekkid Riders. Creators believed the nekkid moniker alerted others to freaky happenings.
Members attend rallies and motor-sporting events stripped down to their birthday suits. Less courageous members ride in specially designed thongs.
Young Naturists and Nudists America FKK
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