all concur they have the right to be naked at appropriate times and places, whether in

private or public settings.
To date, participation in social nudism seems to have attracted more men afterward
women as measured by most surveys concerning social nudity. Usually, nude men
Now outnumber nude girls on clothing optional beaches, and, as formerly said
in the 2000NEF/Roper Survey conducted by the Naturist Education Society, the acceptance for
nude beaches still ranks higher among males then females. In reality, the only time the man to

woman ratio is about 1:1, is in private fkk clubs or resorts, expected to debate
balancing policies demanded by these facilities. Based on Charles Daney, in his post
Women’s Issues with Nudity, there are various reasons for this gender imbalance. One of

the greatest hindrances is that girls, as opposed to guys, tend to have more issues
concerning body image. Our society places enormous emphasis on physical looks
stressing slender, perfectly sculptured bodies, when in reality, not many individuals come close to
Meeting this profile. Teens are the most impressionable, as Lee Baxandall pointed out in
her interview with USA TODAY’s Gregg Zagora, young adults are the least likely to
partake in social nudism because of their low levels of body approval.

The media

(magazines, TV, beach hunters .), which are mostly responsible for stereotyping this image,
tend to target females. It is frequently said that as men get older and reveal signs of aging, they
become more differentiated; nevertheless, as women start to show signs of aging, they become
less physically desired. Hardly a day goes by that we are not bombarded with
advertisements introducing fresh anti-aging products. Even the new Reality TV shows such
as Joe Millionaire, Married by America, and Are You Popular, attribute alluring males and
females. What’s most astonishing though pertains to the show, Are You Hot?, whereby
contestants are clad in bathing suits and are judged on there searches, physical forms, and sex
Attractiveness. Is it any wonder why males as well as females have difficulty accepting their
Body image is an ever growing concern among Americans, particularly teens. A
recent post in Current Well-Being, indicates that most adolescent girls consider the ideal body as
tall, slim, and large breasted. Males are being impacted by the media by emphasizing a tall,
Slender, and muscular look. Based on the National Eating Disorders Association, just

about 2 percent of girls have bodies as lean as versions in magazines. What most people,
Notably adolescents, fail to understand is that versions have the luxury of working out with
professional exercise trainers, makeup artists, and nutritionists, making it easier for them to
maintain their looks. Additionally computer artists can air brush their graphics to erase defects
and improve their images. In reality, most models are not the physical attractiveness magazines
Show. Also, adolescents are being subjected to unrealistic ideals, causing less
Approval of their own bodies. Poor body image typically results in lower self esteem which
can cause personal relationships with others to endure.

A major difficulty is that adolescents

become obsessed about how they appear instead of setting goals for themselves. Often times
Teens feel the need to compete with others instead of developing strong relationships.
Although the media exaggerates the way men and women should search, the public doesn’t
have to buy into their unrealistic standards of attractiveness. Anyone can become an activist by
writing to companies expressing their anxieties in addition to likes and dislikes about an
advertisement. For example, compliments should be given to businesses who use average searching
models in their advertisements. On , criticisms should be sent to advertisers
“glorifYing thinness.” 1
As mentioned earlier, the Naturist’s doctrine is that of self respect and body
acceptance. Therefore, if social nudism were more widespread, it’d give people a

chance to see for themselves that most folks don’t have perfect bodies and maybe learn
to be more accepting of their own.
Another hindrance for women engaging in social nudism is the fear for their physical
safety, especially of being raped. Daney points out in his article that there is no evidence to

suggest women are in greater risk of being raped in naked societal environments such as
beaches or resorts, than in similar non nude societal surroundings. With regard to rape, the
Biggest risk factor for women is, being alone, no matter where she is. So since rapes
are a crime of opportunity, women in many cases are motivated to travel in pairs or groups.
Rapists are furious violent folks. It is improbable that they’d subject themselves to the
Nice, quiet, and relaxing lifestyle of social nudism. For women who would like to
engage in public nudity but are apprehensive because of concern for their physical safety, one