Our Naturist Club Tour: Bright Remainder, Bonita, and Juniper Woods!

Shining Remainder Was The First Stop On Our Naturist Resort Summer Tour!
We camped out each night in our nifty small tent pictured below(that got us thru all the hailing thunderstorms!)
Is Shining Rest a Naturist Resort or Swingers Campground:
Our first stop was Sunny Rest nudist resort and campground. Now, if you have been part of the nudist community for a while, you may have heard of its sexual swingers campground or club standing.
We spentalmost two days at Bright Rest.We tried out most of the facilities, mingled with some folks and had a chat with the owners who were very hospitable.
After our visit we can actually say, that while it is not truly a naturist resort and while you’ll find a lot of naturists who are also swingers, we’d have no trouble recommending it to folks – particularly if you’re buying spot with hardly any or no kids about (not because children aren’t permitted, more so because it’s geared towards the more adult nudist bunch).
The truth is, as the most modernized Northeast nudist resort I’ve ever been to, Bright Rest has more to offer than your typical nightclub or resort.
Beyond the fundamental facilities (an outside pool, hot tub, sports) they also provide a cunning restaurant, a backyard bar and deck, a cabaret, a separate “dialog pool”, and yoga classes.
Sunny Rest Nudist Resort Campground
Bright Remainder also had the most people there, all crowding their pool deck, bar and social spaces so that they must do something right when it comes to getting more company. Arriving late Friday night, we spent a little time at the bar / pool area and after that got back to our camp site just in time before a huge thunderstorm.
And one matter Shining Rest naturist resort is certainly not lacking is camping sites, with over 150 acres of property. This gives anyone the alternative to locate a quiet area or “party area,” and the office staff will gladly guide you on where to set your tent. (Keep in mind that tent walls are divnomorsk nude beach .)
So on Saturday, I began my first full day with http://shockintown.com/post/wish-say-grew-naturist-household/ ! This class was about deep breathing and doing several stretches, which appeared to suit the old crowd that attended. If you’re looking for an real work out or naked fitness yoga, that isn’t it. But for this class the indoor atmosphere and candle lighting is perfect, and they supply mats and pillows.
I left feeling more relaxed with the faint scent of lavender. * Sidenote: I hear they’ll also be starting up Zumba courses soon! (a new type of dance / fitness class craze). This is a pretty modern, attractive feature for a naturist resort, particularly for young people who like to be active.
View of the outside pool at Sunny Rest
Decent food, cost-effective with a big menu varied enough to satisfy a vegetarian like me.
People were friendly, and nobody asked us if we needed to join their sex party (dang! 😉 ) They do group hikes on their trails, which were announced on the poolside intercom. We took ourselves on a little tour to see everything else – a game room with a fine pool table, TV, Terminator 2 pinball machines. Outside, their unclothed sand volleyball court is a popular feature, which appears to be what draws in lots of young folks from local faculties on tournament weekends. There are also three tennis courts higher up on the property.
At night the scene proceeds from the poolside bar to the cabaret. Let us just say this is where Sunny Rest seems a bit less “family-oriented.” A lot of girls wear dresses made from pieces of tightly-woven cord and so on.
Some of the naturists areindeed swingers, but I think it is safe to say it is all behind closed doors.
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