My First Encounter with Social Nudism was playing Strip Poker During a Naked House Party

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Social Naturism at a Naked House Party:
My Naked House Party Storyline – Upon reaching the resort in San Fernando, La Union in the day, everybody simply can’t help but to be dazzled by the strand. Growing up in Baguio City that is situated in the mountains of the Cordilleras, the plage or sea is such an encouraging sight to find. Everybody had their fill of the beach that afternoon and some stayed for midnight swimming.
We joined in while sharing and jokes. All of a sudden, among the players appeared bored said,” since gaming is prohibited, why do not we raise the stakes to make this game more exciting and thrilling”, “let us play strip poker” she continued. Everybody looked at each other with huge eyes. “Excellent idea”, said another girl. The lads simply consented with no hesitation although I was a little reluctant at first but gave in eventually ( this would be my first ever naturism experience ).
Strip Poker at a Naked House Party
There were four pairs, each with a boy and girl tandem played the strip poker with mixed emotions. At the end of the game, everybody was wearing tween nudist . It was a great laugh instead of a good game. Everybody can’t help but tease and compare body parts. Even our private parts were awed upon or criticized. My fears of getting nude and being compared only vanished as everybody has their own defects to criticize and their assets appreciated.
Only Cooling Nekkid At A Naked House Party
The following morning, everybody just decided to have the celebration themed as “Naked House Party Birthday Bash”. So everybody plainly wore nothing during the celebration. We were all inside the house naked and having fun eating while chatting and giggling while flirting about. When we determined to have a dip in the plage, that’s the time we wore our swimming trunks and bathing suits for the girls. It was entertaining, exciting, and educational and the greatest party I ever attended in my life to date.
I feel that my first social naturism experience has given me a new out look on life, people and naturism.. Everyone should have a minumum of one nudist encounter within their life (if not more!)
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